What is a PPS 25W PD Charger?

PD-25W charger

In August 2019, Samsung released the note10 series of flagship phones, divided into two versions, note10 and note10+. There are also two parameters in terms of charging performance. Note10 supports 25W accelerated charging, and note10+ supports 45W accelerated charging. Samsung is finally charging at high power. Keep up with the pace of the market.

PPS 25W PD Charger is a USB-C charger that uses 25W PD fast charging protocol chip as the main control chip. 25W PD fast charge protocol chip can use JD6621, JD6606S.

JD6621 is a highly integrated USB Power Delivery (PD) controller that supports USB PD 3.0, which has a programmable power supply (PPS) specification designed for the USB Type-C downstream interface (source). It monitors the CC pin to detect USB Type-C connection/disconnection. It can provide an output voltage of 3.3V to 21V.

In addition, JD6621 integrates hardware supercharging protocol (SCP), fast charging protocol (FCP) and QC 2.0 / 3.0 / 3 + (QC 2.0 / 3.0 / 3 +) USB interface. It monitors the USB D+ / D− data line and automatically adjusts the output voltage according to different powered devices. If the powered device does not support the USB PD protocol, JD6621 can support the other protocols mentioned above.

JD6621 integrates dual amplifiers containing reference voltages for voltage loop and current loop regulation to provide constant voltage (CV) and constant current (CC) regulation in high-precision control applications.

JD6621 integrates a 100mW switch to provide VCONN power for E-mark cables.

The agreement has the following characteristics:

USB Power Delivery 3.0 with PPS specification, TID: 3543

● 3.3V to 21V power supply

● 100mW VCONN power (20mA)

● VBUSC and VCONN discharge function

● Support QC 2.0 / 3.0/ 3 +

● Support Fast Charge Protocol (FCP) and Super Charge Protocol (SCP)

● Support USB DCP, apply 2.7V on D+ line and 2.7V on D− line.

● Support USB DCP, short circuit D+ line to D− line, BC1.2 protocol


● Support PDO optional function

● Multi-port control (MPC) application

● Constant voltage and constant current control

● Overvoltage protection

● Undervoltage protection

● Overcurrent protection

● Overheat protection

● Short circuit protection

● TQFN-20L (4 x 4 mm) package

Application field

Wall adapter

Car charger

● Powerboard

● USB power output port

Whether it is note10 or note10+, both phones are equipped with a 25W charger. In 2019, none of the third-party chargers on the market can activate Samsung’s 45W accelerated charging. Users who want a faster-charging speed can only purchase the original Samsung 45W charger (EP-TA845). After more than half a year, more and more PPS chargers on the market support higher and higher currents. note10+ supports 25W, 45W accelerated charging and is based on the fast charging protocol developed on PD3.0 PPS. The 3A PPS charger can shake note10+ 25W to accelerate the charging. The measured charging power is about 25W; the 4A/5A PPS charger can shake the note10+ 45W to accelerate the charging, and the estimated charging power is about 35W.

PPS fast charging chargers support a wide range of fast charging protocols, such as the mainstream ones on the market: QC4+, USB PD 3.0 PPS, AFC, FCP, SCP, PEC, etc.

We also provide a PPS 25W USB-C wall charger for the market.

PPS 25W PD Wall Charger

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