China’s first mandatory national standard for lithium battery safety for energy storage was established

China Standard

According to the mandatory national standard formulation and revision plan issued by the National Standardization Administration on December 28, 2021 (National Standard Committee issued [2021] No. 37), my country’s first mandatory national standard for the safety of lithium batteries for energy storage “Lithium Batteries for Electric Energy Storage Systems” and Battery Pack Safety Requirements (20214450-Q-339) plan was officially issued. The standard is under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the China Electronics Technology Standardization Institute (CESI, CESI) takes the lead and organizes the drafting. Saixi will work with CATL New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., Xinwangda Electronics Co., Ltd., Shenzhen BYD Lithium Battery Co., Ltd., China Electricity Council and other units to mainly draft, and invite Huawei Digital Energy Technology Co., Ltd., Zhongguancun Energy Storage The Industrial Technology Alliance and other units jointly participate in the formulation of this standard.

In recent years, more than 30 energy storage system safety accidents have occurred at home and abroad, which have attracted the attention of the industry. From 2017 to 2020 alone, there were 29 energy storage system fires in South Korea, and a series of strong measures were taken. On April 16, 2021, a sudden explosion occurred at the Dahongmen Energy Storage Power Station on the South Fourth Ring Road in Fengtai District, Beijing, causing casualties to 3 firefighters and serious property damage. The formulation of this mandatory national standard will provide an important reference for the subsequent safety assessment and market access of related products, and is of great significance to improving the safety and quality of corresponding products.

In order to further implement the relevant requirements and guiding spirit of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on “standard drafting units should pay attention to the overall coordination of standard formulation and technological innovation, test verification, intellectual property disposal, industrialization promotion, and application promotion”, Saixi, as the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, is a lithium-ion battery The leader of the safety standard task force and the secretariat unit, and as the lead drafting unit of the standard, plan to set up a “energy storage battery standard project group” under the working group to be responsible for the preparation of the standard.

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