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The giant wheel of science and technology is rolling faster and faster, and the contemporary life of human beings is also undergoing tremendous changes. In addition to satisfying material necessities, electricity and the Internet have gradually become “infrastructure”.

In developed regions such as Europe and the United States, outdoor power supply, as a part of “electricity”, has a relatively high popularity. Europeans and Americans have a tradition of outdoor activities such as camping and adventure. In July and August, it is the peak of vacation. Many people like to drive their RVs to travel around. At this time, the outdoor power supply can become a good power guarantee. In addition, some Americans live in RVs all year round, making work and life a challenge, and outdoor power supply is also a good power supply.

In addition, the “new infrastructure” in Europe and the United States is not perfect due to well-known reasons, coupled with frequent disasters such as hurricanes, the emergency attribute of outdoor power supply is very practical.

In China, as an “infrastructure maniac”, my country’s power grid and broadband/4G/5G are at the forefront of the world, and the people always enjoy a stable and sustainable modern life. However, the power grid is relatively fixed, and it is indeed impossible to be perfect in unconventional scenes such as outdoors and outdoors. Outdoor power supplies can give full play to their role.

Advantages of Outdoor Portable Power Station

Portable energy storage power supply, outdoor power supply, also known as portable lithium-ion battery energy storage power supply (English Portable Energy Storage, PES).
In the past, common solutions for outdoor electricity use were generators, lead-acid batteries, etc. Diesel generators have the advantages of high energy conversion rate and high thermal efficiency, but they are noisy and emit a lot of exhaust gas, which is not in line with the development trend of modern energy; lead-acid battery raw materials are easy to obtain and the price is relatively low, but lead-acid batteries are too bulky and easy to cause Environmental pollution is slowly being eliminated. Although photovoltaic power generation is non-polluting and safe, its efficiency is low and is restricted by external conditions; although car batteries are convenient, they cannot be used for a long time.

Outdoor power supplies generally have built-in high-energy-density lithium-ion batteries with long cycle life, lightweight and easy portability, and their overall performance is more stable and reliable. Electricity requirements for outdoor work.

In addition, the outdoor power supply can store electric energy and has a multi-function output interface, AC output, USB output, and car charger interface output, which is convenient for users to use in different scenarios, with more choices, and it is more convenient to use.

Top 10 Killer Application Scenarios

There are many advantages of outdoor power supply, but it is not without disadvantages. Relatively speaking, the current outdoor power supply price is relatively high, and generally users who do not have rigid requirements will not buy it.

Large-scale production corresponds to large-scale demand. The outdoor power supply can be expanded in a wide range of fields, not only in the home, but also in many fields such as work and outdoor.

Fishing, self-driving travel, film and television production, live broadcasting, aquaculture, wild farmland, outdoor operations, emergency rescue, power generation and newsstands are just in need. Let’s talk about the top ten killer application scenarios of domestic outdoor power supplies!


People who like fishing are addicted to it, and people who don’t feel it can’t find fun if they kill them.

It is very interesting that fishing videos have been very popular recently. I believe that friends who like to watch short videos have already watched a lot of fishing videos of “Tianyuan Deng Gang”. In addition to Deng Gang, there are also a large number of fishing accounts that have become popular recently. , indicating that everyone has a strong interest in fishing.

In fact, the outdoor power supply is very suitable for fishing. For example, bring an outdoor power supply that supports boiling water for cooking, and wait for the hook to make a fishing meal or make a tea (a must for Fujianese); or use it as a guarantee for lighting, warmth and other needs when fishing in the wild. Isn’t it beautiful?

In a sense, the outdoor power supply is a combination of the two hobbies of fishing gear and charging equipment. When the time comes, you can fish while dipping beads, drinking tea and playing with the charging head, a beautiful leisure life.

Travel by car

With the advent of the era of great health, more and more people are going outdoors to enjoy the healthy energy brought by nature. When people travel by car, picnic and camping, they are inseparable from the support of outdoor power supply.

When it comes to traveling by car, RVs are inseparable. This thing is relatively rare in China. According to CCTV, the number of RVs in China in 2020 will be 218,000, which is the result of rapid growth in recent years.

In 2020, RV sales in the U.S. totaled 423,628, according to the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA), and by 2021 they will exceed 500,000. Heh, the sales volume of other people in one year is twice that of ours, which shows that there is still considerable room for growth in my country’s RV market.

Although the RV has a complete living/driving system, the outdoor power supply can supply power for mobile phones, tablets, laptops, electric blankets, electric kettles and other equipment, which can not only be a supplement to the RV power system, but also can become a power guarantee for self-driving travel.

In fact, it can be seen on many video platforms that some travel bloggers will bring an outdoor power supply when driving by themselves, mainly for convenience. After all, it is quite troublesome to turn on the diesel generator.

Video Making

The self-driving life of travel bloggers is mentioned above. In fact, many film crews and film crews do not shoot in conventional environments. In many cases, they drive several RVs, which can not only solve the problem of rest, but also supply power.

However, there are generally not many film crews. Cameras, cameras, lights, tracks, monitors and other strange things need to be charged or powered. The personnel’s mobile phones, tablets, and computers also need to be charged, and several outdoor power supplies must be prepared. It can indeed improve the efficiency and make the power supply much more convenient.

There are also drone photography and the like, outdoor power supply can solve the problems of short battery life and difficult charging of drones when flying outdoors, and improve the efficiency of drone outdoor operations.

Live Streaming

In addition to film and television production, the increasingly popular live broadcast is also a big consumer of electricity. But many live broadcasts are carried out outdoors, and unless they are thieves professionals, they usually use mobile phones. But the live broadcast consumes power quickly and cannot be interrupted, and once the phone runs out of power, it will become very troublesome.

Considering that outdoor live broadcasts are mostly performed by teams, it is a good solution to carry an outdoor power supply as a power source. For example, various devices such as mobile phones (sometimes two or more), fill lights, stereos, etc. need to be charged. One or two power banks are difficult to satisfy, and sufficient outdoor power is suitable.

In fact, the charging head network has also done live broadcasts. Although it is indoors, the outdoor power supply still comes in handy. Because the power occupied by the fill light was too large at that time, and other tools had already occupied the row socket, as long as a separate outdoor power supply was arranged for the fill light.


In the adult world, fishing is fun, and going out to sea is work. The author once studied on the southeast coast and saw the battle of offshore fishermen with a group of people driving their own boats to go out to sea to fish. Although it is very profitable, on the one hand, the dangers and risks are not small, on the other hand, life at sea is boring and the power supply is not stable if the ship is small.

In addition to fishermen, there are actually some people who live on small islands far away from the mainland, and some rely on diesel generators for power generation, making life inconvenient.

These friends who communicate closely with the sea are actually very suitable for purchasing outdoor power supply + solar panels, and using sufficient sunlight to generate electricity. For the friends on the boat, the noise will be much smaller; for the friends on the island, there is also a layer of protection for electricity, and there will be more room for turning around in some emergencies.

Wild Farmland

I have a vast land in China, and besides those who rely on the sea to eat, there are countless people who point to the land to survive. Take the melon land in the northwest as an example, the various melons and fruits produced every year are sold all over the country and even the world, and their reputation spreads far and wide.

However, everyone knows that the northwest is vast, and it is really difficult to get electricity and network in some fields. The existence of outdoor power supply can help people who work to charge, connect to the Internet, and strengthen the connection with the outside world.

Agriculture is the foundation of a country. With the combination of modern science and technology with agricultural planting, the agricultural system will gradually realize unmanned, automated and intelligent management. These three transformations all require the participation of electricity. At this time, the outdoor power supply stands out and is suitable for most smart agricultural scenarios.

Outdoor Work

Smart agriculture also belongs to outdoor operations in a sense, and there are emergency scenarios such as emergency and rescue, such as emergency electricity for mines, oil fields, geological exploration, and geological disaster rescue; emergency electricity for field maintenance in the telecommunications sector; small and micro medical equipment Emergency equipment, emergency electricity, etc.

The field conditions are complex, the area is vast, there is a lack of power supply and wiring is difficult, and there are long-term problems such as no electricity available, high power supply costs, and unstable power supply. Many outdoor operations are therefore difficult. The outdoor power supply is portable, stable, and low in electricity cost, so it can be successfully used in this area.

Emergency Rescue

In the emergency rescue mentioned above, all kinds of accidents, disasters or events are sudden, complex and uncertain. Even in an accident, infrastructure such as electricity can be damaged. In the face of this scenario, the generator used to be on top, but its size and weight were not dominant, and fuel was needed.

The outdoor power supply is different. With tools such as solar panels, it can completely become a group power supply, which can undertake various tasks such as lighting, charging, power supply, cooking, and boiling water, and is perfectly adapted to the scene.

Power Generation

In addition to the many functions described above, outdoor power sources are gradually replacing diesel generators to undertake the “power generation” function.

Taking EcoFlow’s lithium battery generator DELTA as an example, according to Dr. Wang Lei’s introduction, the lithium battery generator DELTA is positioned as a new energy product with the smallest volume, lightest weight, highest energy density and highest power under the same power in the world. DELTA will replace the traditional fuel-fired generators currently on the market, and is an epoch-making product in the generator industry.

Just need to set up a stall

In 2020, as the domestic epidemic gradually subsided, the central government introduced a series of measures to restore people’s livelihood, including the “street stall economy”, which once became a hot topic of discussion after dinner.

High liquidity is one of the main characteristics of the stall economy. Many vendors basically do not have a fixed business location, so the electricity consumption of stalls has become a primary problem.

Conventional mobile power supplies often cannot guarantee long battery life, while traditional car batteries are bulky, inconvenient to carry and have a single function. The outdoor power supply perfectly solves these problems and can be said to be the best choice.

With the prosperity of people’s life, we have begun to enjoy a better life in more ways, such as self-driving travel, camping and other activities close to nature. Although we are in nature, the power and network supply cannot be less. Otherwise, how can we communicate with distant friends?

With the increasing demand for power in various outdoor operations that are separated from mature infrastructure, outdoor power sources have more stages of their own in addition to the role of replacing diesel generators. I believe that under the inclination of the new energy policy, coupled with the large-scale reduction of battery costs, outdoor power supply is bound to usher in its own spring, let us look forward to it!

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