What is the difference between Apple C189 and C94 connectors?

MFi Lightning Cable

News of Apple’s new C189 connector to replace the traditional C89 connector. C89 is a USB-A to Lightning connector, and C189 is also a USB-A to Lightning connector. Apple’s current C94 is the current mainstream USB-C to Lightning connector. Among them, C189 is the low-end version of C89 and supports 12W power. It is also […]

Huawei enters the outdoor power supply market!


At the end of October 2021, Huawei held a legion formation conference in Songshan Lake Park. Huawei founder and CEO Ren Zhengfei, chairman Liang Hua, and several rotating chairman and other executives attended the conference. At this conference, Huawei established five legions. They are Coal Mine Corps, Smart Highway Corps, Customs and Port Corps, Smart […]

Ten killer application scenarios of outdoor power supply Portable Power Station

partable power station

The giant wheel of science and technology is rolling faster and faster, and the contemporary life of human beings is also undergoing tremendous changes. In addition to satisfying material necessities, electricity and the Internet have gradually become “infrastructure”. In developed regions such as Europe and the United States, outdoor power supply, as a part of […]

China’s first mandatory national standard for lithium battery safety for energy storage was established

China Standard

According to the mandatory national standard formulation and revision plan issued by the National Standardization Administration on December 28, 2021 (National Standard Committee issued [2021] No. 37), my country’s first mandatory national standard for the safety of lithium batteries for energy storage “Lithium Batteries for Electric Energy Storage Systems” and Battery Pack Safety Requirements (20214450-Q-339) […]

Saixi organized a discussion meeting on the draft of the portable energy storage power supply

he penglin

On March 27, 2019, a discussion meeting for the first draft of the industry standard “Technical Specifications for Portable Li-ion Battery Energy Storage Power Sources” was held in Shenzhen. This standard is managed and drafted by China Electronics Standardization Institute (CESI, CESI). Nearly 40 experts and representatives from more than 30 companies in the power […]

What is the difference between PDU power sockets and ordinary sockets?

pdu power strip

According to relevant research organizations, 80% of electrical equipment accidents are caused by electrical interface problems. Therefore, as the power interface of the equipment in the computer room, the safety and reliability of the PDU will be one of the most concerned features of customers in the future development. This is also the most critical […]

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