What is the difference between PDU power sockets and ordinary sockets?

pdu power strip

According to relevant research organizations, 80% of electrical equipment accidents are caused by electrical interface problems.

Therefore, as the power interface of the equipment in the computer room, the safety and reliability of the PDU will be one of the most concerned features of customers in the future development. This is also the most critical reason why data center users who initially used ordinary sockets turned to PDU products.

So, what is the difference between PDU and ordinary power strip as the last point of device power-on? Can they be used interchangeably?

1. What is a PDU?

In the computer room and communication hardware field, PDU (Protocol Data Unit, power distribution unit) is also known as the power distribution socket for cabinets.

PDU is a product designed to provide power distribution for electrical equipment installed in cabinets. It has a variety of series specifications with different functions, installation methods, and socket combinations. It can provide suitable rack-mounted power distribution solutions for different power supply environments.

The application of PDU makes the power distribution in the cabinet more tidy, reliable, safe, professional, and beautiful, makes the maintenance of the power supply in the cabinet more convenient and reliable, and meets the power input requirements of essential equipment.

Second, the difference between PDU and ordinary power strip.

Although PDUs have many similarities with ordinary power sockets in appearance, they are still very different in use and functions compared with ordinary power strips.

1. The two functions are different

Ordinary sockets only have the functions of power supply overload protection and master control switch. In contrast, PDU not only has power supply overload protection and master control switch but also has functions such as lightning protection, anti-impulse voltage, anti-static, and fire protection.

2. The two materials are different

Ordinary sockets are made of plastic, while PDU power sockets are made of metal, which has an anti-static effect.

3. The application fields of the two are different

Common sockets are generally used in homes or offices to provide power for computers and other electrical appliances, while PDU socket power supplies are generally used in data centers, network systems, and industrial environments, installed on equipment racks to provide power for switches, routers, and other equipment.

4. The load power of the two is different

The cable configuration of ordinary sockets is weak, the current number is generally 10A/16A, and the rated power is 4000W.

The configuration of the PDU power socket is better than that of the ordinary socket. Its current number can be 16A/32A/65A to meet more needs, and its rated power can reach more than 4000W, which can meet the power requirements of the computer room. And when the PDU power socket is overloaded, it can automatically cut off the power and has a certain fire protection function.

5. The service life of the two is different

The life of ordinary sockets is generally 2~3 years, and the number of plugging and unplugging is about 4500~5000, while the life of PDU power sockets can reach 10 years, and the number of plugging and unplugging times is more than 10,000, which is more than 5 times that of ordinary sockets.

All in all, the PDU design arrangement is more reasonable, the quality and standards are stricter, the installation method is more flexible and convenient, the protection of various types of leakage, over-current, and overload is better, it is not easy to be damaged even if the plugging and unplugging operations are frequent, and the safe and trouble-free working time is long. It is used by industries or customers with strict electrical requirements.

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